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      PRADA Satin bucket bag with rhinestones | Golden


      PRADA Prada Galleria leather bag | Golden


      PRADA Re-Nylon and leather shoulder bag | Black


      PRADA Crocodile-effect embossed leather mini bag | Brown


      PRADA Prada Re-Edition 1995 leather handbag | Red


      PRADA Prada Re-Edition 2005 bag | Black


      PRADA Embroidered fabric tote bag | Multicolour


      PRADA Saffiano leather card holder | Golden


      PRADA Quilted leather handbag | Black


      PRADA Natural fibre and leather basket bag | Beige


      PRADA Prada Symbole leather handbag | Black


      PRADA Raffia and leather mini bucket bag | Beige


      PRADA Calfskin leather handbag | Black


      PRADA Supernova leather handbag | Grey


      PRADA Embroidered fabric mini tote bag | Beige


      PRADA Mini Saffiano leather Bag | Black


      PRADA Crocodile-effect embossed leather mini bag | Black


      PRADA Triangle leather handbag | Black


      PRADA Triangle rhinestone bag | Silver


      PRADA Re-Edition patent leather bag | Golden


      PRADA Bags

      Founded in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada, the Prada fashion house was initially known as Fratelli Prada. The brothers' shop soon became renowned for the fine craftsmanship of its luxury leather goods. Half a century later, in 1978, Miuccia Prada, Mario Prada's granddaughter, took over the Milan brand and propelled the family business into a new era. In 1984, she made her mark on the label by introducing a novel material; nylon quickly became central to Prada's DNA. Prada is committed to working with its signature fabric in an environmentally responsible way. In 2019, it launched its sustainable line "Re-Nylon". By transforming plastic and fabric waste from the world's oceans and landfills into regenerated nylon yarn, the label creates new garments and accessories from recycled materials.

      Prada Pattina Shoulder Bag

      The it bag from Prada's latest collection is undoubtedly the Prada Pattina Women's Shoulder Bag, in silver polished calf leather. Classic yet unconventional, this designer purse transcends trends with a sleek shape and fashion-forward color for a modern and cool look. Featuring a front flap embellished with the brand's triangular logo, the true charm of the Pattina Bag lies in its soft, rounded lines. Wearing this bag is as comfortable as it is fashionable thanks to the short shoulder strap. The metallic shimmer of the varnished leather adds a subtly electric touch, making it the perfect authentic Prada bag to brighten up an all-black ensemble.

      Luxury Leather Goods by Italian Brand Prada

      Ancestral know-how and acute fashion sense have earned Prada its status as one of the most sought-after luxury brands for leather goods and accessories. When the label set out to create a handbag as practical as it is stylish, it turned to the countryside for inspiration. The result is the well-crafted calf leather Prada tote; a woven leather reinterpretation of a basket.

      Contemporary and inventive, the Milan fashion house dares to rewrite the codes by playing with shapes, mixing materials and choosing bold colors. Some of the best examples of the brand's envelope-pushing aesthetic include the pink Prada bag in Saffiano leather, the curvy Sidonie mini bag in red leather and the sporty tricolor mesh handbag with nylon pouch.

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