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With eight in ten women experiencing cramps and other unpleasant menstrual symptoms — and a real lack of offerings on the market — it seemed self-evident to Charline and Lise that there was a need for products meant to support people with periods during this special time. Women first and foremost, and daughters of entrepreneurs, the two friends felt they had to do something. It was from this inspiration that in 2018, Agapēm was born. The name comes from the Greek word for love, to which they added the letter M, homage to the French "aimer." Conceived from consultations with the best gynecologists, naturopaths, and scientific laboratories, Agapēm supplements and meal complements are vegan, 100% natural and made in France — and of course, they come from a real familiarity with the subject. Those experiencing periods will find tummy-soothing aids, adaptogenic helpers, and skin-soothers, everything you need to ensure that that time of the month is, well, surprisingly pleasant! Fall for bestsellers like the skin support and digestion aid complements, as well as the adorable and effective hot-water bottle in linen and linen seed.

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