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Tops and t-shirts VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Men

The quintessential face of punk, Vivienne Westwood, produces avant-garde collections, laced with extravagance. She's been maintaining this art of provocation ever since opening her first shop in Chelsea in the '70s where Londoners first discovered her biker jackets, leather jackets and a range of safety-pin flocked t-shirts, using them as props to convey messages in opposition to the establishment. As innovative as she is demanding, Vivienne Westwood continues to provoke fashion with her rebellious and protesting concepts. An anti-fur activist, she now campaigns for ecology and environmental protection, abandoning chains and studs in favour of natural and eco-responsible materials. Vivienne Westwood's Women's and Men's collections are also an opportunity to campaign for positive activism, raising awareness about the negative effects of climate change, over-consumption and displaying the importance of art, culture and education. At 78, the designer to whom we owe the iconic slogan "Buy Less, Choose Well and Make It Last" and who we nicknamed 'Fashion's enfant terrible' has never before embodied the essence of British punk-rock so well as now.
A celebrated designer, Vivienne Westwood won the British Design of the Year Award twice and more recently, the 2019 Lifetime Achievements Medal in London, honouring her contribution to the fashion and design industry throughout her career.

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