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Known for its high-end jackets and parkas, Parajumpers, or PJS draws its essence from a singular story. After an Alaskan encounter with a member of the Parajumpers, an elite air force rescue unit, designer Massimo Rossetti was inspired to create a clothing line that combines resistance and aesthetics. PJS pieces are immediately noticeable by certain symbolic elements, like yellow crochet, that evokes parachute cables. It's also through the attention to detail, with the addition of multiple pockets and robust zips, that Parajumpers marries function and style. High quality is intrinsic to the brand, which uses premium materials like down. This rigour pushed PJS onto the international outerwear scene. Beyond quality, the brand also focuses on ethics. With a serious commitment to sustainability, Parajumpers constantly innovates to reduce its ecological impact, all while preserving the excellence of its products. The magic of PJS resides in its capacity to transcend its roots in Alaskan adventure to ingrate perfectly into urban landscapes. The clothing, while inspired by rescue missions in extreme conditions, has won over the city-dwelling public in search of a balance between style and function.

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