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      534 products

      PRADA Leather sandals | White


      PRADA Recycled polyamide jacket | Black

      1 750,00€

      PRADA Patent leather sneakers | Multicolour


      PRADA Metallic leather loafers | Silver


      PRADA Re-Nylon and Saffiano leather shoulder bag | Black

      1 850,00€

      PRADA Crochet platform mules | Black


      PRADA Leather loafers | Black


      PRADA Re-Nylon and Saffiano leather tote bag | Black

      1 100,00€

      PRADA Sweatshirt in virgin wool | Black


      PRADA Saffiano leather travel case | Black


      PRADA Two-tone heels | Yellow


      PRADA Leather sneakers | White


      PRADA Brushed leather slingbacks | Black


      PRADA Leather high heel sandals | Blue


      PRADA Prada Symbole sunglasses | Black


      PRADA Re-Nylon and Saffiano leather shoulder bag | Black

      1 500,00€

      PRADA Leather heels | Pink


      PRADA Metallic leather heeled sandals | Golden

      1 040,00€

      PRADA Leather wedge loafers | Black


      PRADA Leather mules | Pink


      PRADA Loafers with silver leather details | Multicolour

      1 090,00€

      PRADA Satin bucket bag with rhinestones | Golden

      2 500,00€

      PRADA Prada Galleria leather bag | Golden

      2 400,00€

      PRADA Re-Nylon and leather shoulder bag | Black

      1 980,00€

      PRADA Brushed leather lace-up shoes | Black


      PRADA Recycled polyamide shorts | Black

      1 100,00€

      PRADA Recycled nylon low-top sneakers | Black


      PRADA Downtown leather sneakers | White


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      Intellectual, chic, elegant, free ... no shortage of words to describe Prada's style. For over 100 years, the Milan design house has had undeniable success. Their secret formula? Miuccia Prada. The granddaughter of one of the founders and a political science graduate took the helm of the Italian label in 1978, transforming the saddler into a fashion giant. Founded in 1913 as Fratelli Prada by Mario and Martino Prada, the label originally sold leather goods. Miuccia Prada quickly led a small revolution within the label. In 1984, she presented a new concept, first misunderstood and later proving to be the brand's biggest successes: Nylon. Produced in a specialised military parachute factory, it took a few seasons for the material, once seen as the antithesis of luxury to become a bestseller. Encouraged by her husband, the brand's CEO Patrizio Bertelli, Miuccia Prada then embarked on ready-to-wear collections in 1988. Another wise choice for the brand, resulting in even faster growth. The brand's history wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Fondazione Prada, an institution located just outside of Milan that celebrates the label's strong links with arts and culture in all its forms.
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