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Founded in 2018, DIJO is bringing digestion back to the heart of our day to day life, especially since it's the basis of our overall health! This pioneering microbiome brand was founded by two friends, Anouk and Lisa, one of whom lives with an auto-immune illness. Her combat for wellbeing oriented her towards probiotics, where she discovered an essential part of our overall health, as well as a cruel lack of information on the subject in spite of the masses of people who suffer from suboptimal digestion every day. In hopes of doing away with the taboos around tummy-talk — it's our second brain, after all! — DIJO offers a line of products that are made in France, vegan, free of GMOs, and whose active ingredients are traced and certified in total transparency. Now it's up to us to listen to ourselves — DIJO's philosophy — and to do something about bloating, leaky gut, food intolerances, and more, thanks to DIJO's high-end dietary supplements.

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      L'Indispensable probiotic capsules



      Détox Foie liver detox capsules



      Équilibre Acido-Basique acid-base balance capsules



      Potion Détox food supplement


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