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In Paris, Charaf Tajer's name is on everyone's lips. At the tender age of 33, this Franco-Morroccan designer made a name for himself contributing to Stéphane Ashpool's Pigalle project, Le Pompon. After years of travel, partying, and studies in architecture, in 2017 Tajer launched Casablanca, named for the city in which his parents met. The label's DNA has a distinct après-sport feel, where comfort is always central and the clothes escape classification by age or gender. "The goal is to make pieces that can be worn whether you're 18, 19, or 70, a bit like vintage Ralph Lauren," Tajer explains. Made entirely in Casablanca, each collection is chock full of retro references, and none more so than the tracksuit jacket that has become the brand's calling card. Color is also an essential ingredient to the Casablanca look, creating an otherwordly atmosphere and evoking Morrocco's stunning landscapes. If the label is still seen as something of a newcomer in the industry, it's established a strong presence on social media and has developed an enviable level of visibility. With thousands of followers, including Caroline de Maigret, Virgil Abloh, DJ Black Coffee, Skepta, Tina Kunakey, and other big names in show-business, there's little doubt that Casablanca is one to watch. For the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, the brand unveiled a mini-film that sang the praises of the 60s-70s and their amazing parties. Featuring colorful, psychadelic pieces, each with the carefree air of a summer on the French Riviera, these bright hues, fluid cuts, and eye-catching patterns are the perfect addition to a closet craving a dose of pop.
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