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Few accessories can boast of decades-long ubiquity quite like the UGG boot. Born in Australia, these furry lambswool-lined kicks have long been a must for Aussie surfers, who pop them on fresh out of the water to warm up their feet. While he was studying in the United States at UCLA, Brian Smith realized that local surfers weren't as well-equipped as his compatriots. In the hopes of starting a trend, he imported six pairs of the well-loved shoes and started working on a business plan. Confidential at first, the label exploded once it began sponsoring renowned surfers. UGG's meteoric rise had officially begun, but Smith wanted more. Having noticed that Hollywood personalities were driving demand as much as athletes were, he began approaching stylists and offering footwear for their clients. At the same time, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Teva's parent company, was looking to diversify — especially in the realm of winter-wear. In 1995, Brian Smith's UGG was purchased. At the beginning of the new millenium, the brand's popularity took off — from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton via Jennifer Aniston and Beyoncé, these fuzzy boots became era-defining accessories, alongside the Juicy tracksuit and the low-rise jean. Collaborations were soon to follow — Jimmy Choo, Swarovski — and the label soon integrated home goods into its collections. And today, UGG is making yet another comeback thanks to collabs as cool as they are diverse: Telfar, Molly Godard, and Feng Chen Wang have all contributed their vision to make these comfy kicks a timeless classic.
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