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Last updated September 18th, 2020

PRINTEMPS.COM is a joint stock company, with a capital of 41,800 Euros, having its head office at 102, rue de Provence 75009 PARIS, France. The company is registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry (RCS) under the number RCS 430 236 695 ("the Company")

PRINTEMPS.COM is the owner of the E-commerce website www.printemps.com which offers a new online sales space dedicated to fashion designers and luxury goods, from which the website https://www cadeaucommun.printemps.com is accessible. It provides Cadeau Commun, an online Money Pool service (the "Site").

Lakooz, is the provider of PRINTEMPS.COM for the Online Money Pool service Cadeau Commun. Lakooz is mandated as an electronic money distributor by S-Money, an electronic money institution, a subsidiary of Natixis, which issues, distributes and manages electronic money for the Online Money Pool service on the Site.
Lakooz, is a joint stock company, with a capital of 127,534 euros, having its head office at 35, rue de Rome 75008 PARIS, France, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry (RCS) under number RCS 533 303 400.

This document governs the general terms and conditions of the Online Money Pool (GTC) between the Company, and any natural person wishing to use the Online Money Pool service either to participate in a collection ("the Participant") or either as organizer or beneficiary of the collection in question ("the User"). Any person browsing the Site must ensure that they carefully and regularly read these GTC, our privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") accessible at Article 11 - Privacy Policy below, as well as the general terms and conditions of use of S-Money.

To view the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the S-money service, click here
. Any person browsing the Site, whether a User or a Visitor, must ensure that they read these GTC and the S-Money GTC carefully and regularly.

Online Money Pool:

refers to all contributions made by Participants, whether individuals or legal entities, within the framework of an Online Money Pool, combined in a single electronic money account opened by the Organizer in the name of the Beneficiary.


means the operation carried out by the Organizer of an Online Money Pool consisting in requesting participation in the budget of a gift.


means the action of:

  • Paying for a purchase during bag check out thanks to an Online Money Pool on the website www.printemps.com
  • Convert an Online Money Pool into a gift card to be used in the Printemps Store.
  • Offer an Online Money Pool to a Beneficiary.


means the User or Visitor who has been invited to participate in an Online Money Pool.


means the virtual space allocated to each User of the Website "https://www. cadeaucommun.printemps.com" upon registration.


designates the Guest who has paid a Participation in an Online Money Pool.


means the amount paid by a Participant to an Online Money Pool.


means the User who creates and manages an Online Money Pool.


means the User for whom an Online Money Pool was created.

Online Money Pool Service(s):

means the Online Money Pool services offered by the Company under the domain name "https://www.cadeaucommun.printemps.com ", which is owned by the Company.


means the website accessible at the address "https://www.cadeaucommun.printemps.com".


means the Visitor who has an Account on the Site "https://www.cadeaucommun.printemps.com", namely the Organizer and/or the Beneficiary.


means the non-Internet User who connects to the Site "https ://www. printemps.com" to visit it, or to make a Contribution

The GTC detail the conditions under which the Company offers access to the Online Money Pool Services. Therefore, they describe all of the reciprocal obligations between the Company, Visitors and Users of the Site.
The GTC are applicable throughout the duration of use of the Site.
The titles of the various articles of these GTC are purely indicative and do not necessarily determine the precise content of the articles to which they refer.

The GTC must be read carefully and accepted by Users and Visitors when they register on the Site.
Any person (User or Visitor) who uses the Site, whether such use results in the creation of the Online Money Pool, the issuance of a reimbursement request by the Participant, the payment of a Contribution or the creation of an Account, declares that he or she has read these GTC and the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the S-Money Service and agrees to be bound by them without reservation.

By using the Site, the Visitor or User declares that he or she has full legal capacity to use the Company's Online Money Pool Services and undertakes to use these Services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with decency.

In addition, the Visitor or User declares to be a natural person residing in a Member State of the European Union or in a State that is part of the European Economic Area or in a third country that imposes the same obligations related to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The User or Visitor also declares that he or she is a natural person aged at least 18 years old, not a trader and acting for his/her personal needs.

Registration on the website "https://www.printemps.com/fr/fr" is mandatory:

  • for the Organizer in order to create an Online Money Pool and designate the Beneficiary
  • for the Beneficiary, to spend his or her Online Money Pool (whatever the mode is)

However, it is not necessary for an Online Money Pool Participant to be registered in order to contribute to an Online Money Pool, issue a request for reimbursement of his or her Contribution and write on the greeting card of an Online Money Pool. In fact, the Participant is identified by his or her first and last name and an email address.
To create an Account, the User must complete a form accessible on "https://www.printemps.com/fr/fr" from the home page of the site, or when creating an Online Money Pool on the home page https://www.cadeaucommun.printemps.fr. Registration requires that the natural person is of legal age and that the present GTC are accepted.

When registering, the User guarantees the accuracy of the data he or she provides. Once the form has been completed, the registration must be validated from a link accessible from an email sent to the User's personal email address.
The User is solely responsible for his/her identifiers, composed of a valid email address and a password, and for the use of his/her Account. The Company, in the absence of fault on its part, cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the use of a User's identifiers by a third party and/or the loss of his identifiers.

The Company or S-MONEY may, without having to provide any justification, not follow up on a registration request, such a refusal not giving right to any compensation. Customer Service reserves the right at any time to ask the User to provide any information, additional identification data, and any supporting documents that it deems useful.

Creation of an Online Money Pool
Any User may, when he wishes, create an Online Money Pool. To do so, he or she must provide the following information

  • The name of the Online Money Pool for which funding is requested.
  • The name of the Online Money Pool Organizer.
  • The date of the event (optional)
  • A description of the event (optional)
  • The name, first name, email address of the Beneficiary
  • In addition, the Organizer can upload an image to illustrate his/her Online Money Pool.
    The Online Money Pool has a lifespan of one year. If this period is exceeded, the Company informs the Online Money Pool Organizer that he/she has 15 days to spend his Online Money Pool on the site or in store or to offer it as a gift. If this 15-day period is exceeded, the Online Money Pool will be forfeited and participants will be reimbursed if the Online Money Pool has not been spent. If part of the Online Money Pool has been spent, the reimbursement will be made to the Organizer.

The name of the Online Money Pool, its description and the name of the Organizer must be filled in carefully. These fields determine the purpose of the mandate given by the Participants to the Organizer. Their content is the sole responsibility of the Organizer.
A certain number of options, in particular regarding the anonymity of the Participants, the amount of the Participation and the information of the Organizer, are at the discretion of the latter. Finally, the Organizer may set a deadline to participate in the Online Money Pool, this date being displayed for the Guests as an indication.

Management of the Online Money Pool
Once the Online Money Pool has been created, the Organizer can then:

  • Change all of the above elements. Changes are the sole responsibility of the Organizer. These changes alone do not alter the purpose of the mandate that existed between the Participants and the Organizer before they were published.
  • Invite new Participants and check the list of Guests.
  • Follow the details of the paid Contributions and to control the reminder systems addressed to the Guests.
  • Initiate the early closing of the Online Money Pool. Invitations and Entries will then be suspended until the Organizer reactivates the Online Money Pool.
  • Request cancellation of the Online Money Pool by contacting customer service at customer-service@printemps.com.
  • Spend the Online Money Pool.

In general, the Organizer is responsible for the management of the Online Money Pool. The Organizer is responsible for ensuring that all the elements of the Online Money Pool comply with the regulations in force and with morality. The technical team reserves the right to withdraw an Online Money Pool if it deems that its contents are not appropriate. Participants will be reimbursed for this purpose.

The Beneficiary then chooses on the Site, in his/her Account, the Online Money Pool to be used. The Organizer and the Beneficiary are responsible for the data that they send to the Company for expenditure on the "https://www.printemps.com/fr/fr" site. The Company shall not be held liable in the event of incorrect information given by the User for the expenditure of his Online Money pool.

Each Guest will receive an email or invitation message including, among other things, the name of the Organizer and the name of the Online Money Pool to which he or she is invited, and the link to participate. The Guest may then contribute by paying a sum using his/her credit card. The payment platform is managed by the Groupe Banque Populaire Caisse d'Epargne (BPCE) secure payment interface. The Guest may also decline the invitation.
By paying a Contribution in an Online Money Pool, the Participant gives the Organizer a mandate to use the amount of his/her contribution.

Only the Guests who have received a participation link by email or by message on social networks from the Organizer to the Online Money Pool, can access the page of the Online Money Pool and contribute to it. Guests are reminded that they should only contribute to Online Money Pools in which the Organizer is a person they trust.
The Company, not being the final recipient of the funds, does not issue proforma invoices.

Withdrawal of Contribution
The Participant may, as long as the Online Money Pool has not been spent or closed and without giving any reason, retract and request reimbursement of his/her Contribution. To be valid, the withdrawal must be made at the address "customer-service@printemps.com."
Withdrawal will result in reimbursement of the full amount of the Contribution within fifteen (15) days.
The Participant is solely responsible for the consequences of the withdrawal of his/her Contribution with respect to the Organizer of the Online Money Pool.

However, Contributions Collection by the Organizer would render null and void the possibility of refunding, within the framework of the exercise of the right of retraction of the Participant.

As part of the fight against money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing (in accordance with the provisions of Decree 2009-1087 dated September 2, 2009 and the Order of the Minister of the Economy of the same date issued for the application of Article R.561-12 of the monetary and financial code), any User who would collect more than €2,500 over a period of 15 days or any User wishing to transform more than €150 over 12 sliding months into gift cards, or any User receiving a payment greater than or equal to €150 must be identified in accordance with the regulations.

The Organizer is solely responsible for the proper use of the funds Collected, i.e. the cumulative sum of the Contributions in his/her Online Money Pool. Where applicable, this use must be in accordance with the mandate given to him/her by each Participant. The Participant declares having been informed that the Company is in no way responsible for the use made by the Organizer of the amount of the Contributions.
When he/she wishes to do so, the Organizer can spend the Online Money Pool according to 3 means:

  • Paying for a purchase during bag check out thanks to an Online Money Pool on the website https://www.printemps.com
  • Convert an Online Money Pool into a gift card to be used in the Printemps Store.
  • Offer an Online Money Pool to a Beneficiary.

To access the Online Money Pool, the User must authenticate himself/herself with his/her login and password on the "https://www.printemps.com/fr/fr" website. The Expenditure necessarily implies the use of the funds on the Printemps.com website or in Printemps* stores through the generation of a gift card. The Expenditure is not possible on the group's other E-commerce sites: placeestendances.com, citadium.com and madeindesign.com.

Online payment is made directly on printemps.com. The Online Money Pool can be used several times to make payments, until its balance is exhausted. If the amount of the Online Money Pool is less than the amount of the check out bag to be paid on printemps.com, the User has the possibility of making an additional payment, i.e. using his or her credit card (other means of payment offered on printemps.com are not accepted, for example: Paypal, ...) to complete the missing amount.

The gift cards are generated on the Site in "My Space" by sending an email with a QRCode in PDF format. The Beneficiary can create one or more gift cards with the amounts he or she wishes from his or her Online Money Pool. *The gift card can be used in all Printemps stores except Caen, Brest and Tours and Citadium stores. The gift card has a lifespan of one year and can be used in one go. If the purchase amount is less than the amount of the gift card, the store salesperson will return the difference to the Customer in the form of a gift card.

The maximum amount associated with a gift card generated by an Online Money Pool is €3,000. It is to be noted that the amount of payment made with a gift card is limited to €3,000 per purchase.

Transfers to bank accounts are not possible.

Aucune commission n'est prélevée par la Société pour l'usage du Cadeau Commun.
La Société pourra procéder à une identification forte auprès de tout Utilisateur pour lequel elle estimera nécessaire d'agir dans le cadre la lutte contre le blanchiment d'argent, en lui demandant une pièce d'identité et un justificatif de domicile de moins de 3 mois. La Société se réserve également le droit de demander à l'Organisateur tout justificatif notamment mais non limitativement relatif à l'utilisation des fonds par rapport à l'objet/évènement déclaré lors de la création du Cadeau Commun avant d'autoriser la Collecte.

No commission fee will be charged by the Company for the use of the Money Pool. The Company may carry out strong identity verification with any User for whom it deems it necessary to act in the context of detecting and preventing money laundering, by asking him/her for proof of identity and proof of address (valid for the previous 3 months). The Company also reserves the right to ask the Organizer for any proof, in particular but not exclusively related to the use of the funds in relation to the object/event declared during the creation of the Money Pool before authorizing the collection of funds.

The Organizer alone bears the risk of non-payment.
It is thus expressly agreed that the Organizer undertakes to bear all rejections of payment, in particular by credit card.

The Organizer undertakes not to organize illicit Online Money Pools. In particular, all Online Money Pools related to actions contrary to public order or morality, radical or discriminatory extremist actions, pornographic or violent events, and any activity mentioned in the article "Prohibited Activities" without this list being exhaustive, are considered as illicit Online Money Pools.
The Company reserves the right to suspend the Online Money Pool, to terminate it and the Organizer's contribution to the Online Money Pool in the event of non-compliance with these GTC, or if the Online Money Pool is involved in an activity that is prohibited under this section and the section "Prohibited Activities", is contrary to applicable laws and regulations, is likely to violate public order, morality, the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, or is the subject of fraud.

In such a case, the Company reserves the right to freeze the funds for an indefinite period of time while the checks are carried out and to reimburse the Participants in the event of cancellation of the Online Money Pool.

  • Activities related to pedophilia, weapons, drugs;
  • Gambling activities provided by companies without a valid license in Europe, gambling provided in countries where gambling is not allowed;
  • Escorting activities (pimping in France);
  • Sites promoting or inciting racial hatred;
  • Violent proselytizing sites on the Internet;
  • Sites that promote terrorism or that collect funds related to the financing of terrorism or that promote terrorism;
  • The purchase or sale of precious metals and stones (iron, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, etc.);
  • The sale of second-hand objects;
  • Gambling activity with or without a license, for example: poker, roulette, etc.;
  • Astrology or clairvoyance;
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages to take away;
  • Non-profit organizations working with people in combat zones, particularly in the areas occupied by Daech in Syria, Iraq and Libya;
  • The organizations having an activity even occasional with a combat zone;
  • Organizations providing assistance to detainees in France or abroad;
  • Organizations financing places of worship in France or abroad;

The User may request the termination of his Account on the https://www.printemps.com/fr/fr website by contacting customer service at customer-service@printemps.com, or he/she may delete it autonomously from his/her personal space. After a period of fifteen (15) days maximum, the termination will be effective. The User will then no longer have access to his/her personal space on the site https://www.printemps.com and he will no longer be able to administer the Online Money Pools that he/she has created.

If there are still unspent Online Money Pools, regardless of their status, closed or not, and which have been the subject of Contributions, customer service will inform the User who must, within a period of fifteen (15) days, indicate whether he/she wants to Spend his/her Online Money Pools. At the end of this period, the silence kept by the User will result in the automatic cancellation of the Online Money Pools and the reimbursement of all Participants in the Online Money Pools. If the Online Money Pools have been partially spent, the reimbursement will be made to the Organizer, within fifteen (15) days after the closing of the Online Money Pool.

If an Online Money Pool expires, it will be automatically closed.

The Organizer is solely responsible for the consequences of cancellations vis-à-vis the Participants.

In the event of a breach of these GTC by a User, the Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel his/her Account, immediately and without notice.
The cancellation of an Account shall have the same effects as its termination.

The Company, is concerned about the protection of your personal data. It undertakes to ensure the best level of protection for such data in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Regulations", namely the General Regulations for Data Protection of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (hereinafter the "GDRP") and any other law, regulation, ordinance, decree or other legal act relating to the protection of personal data that may be adopted. The processing of personal data carried out on the lepotcommun.fr platform has been declared to the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL), under no. 1522128. For any information on the protection of personal data, you can also visit the site of the "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés: www.cnil.en.
The collection of your data is necessary for the management of your requests, the creation and management of the Online Money Pools, the follow-up of the online Contrubution in the Online Money Pool, or the improvement of the navigation on the Site, as well as for the purpose of creating and managing your account on Printemps.com. The data, whether mandatory or not, is indicated on the collection forms on the Site. In the absence of communication of "mandatory" data, your request cannot be processed.
For more information, you may visit our PRIVACY POLICY.

The Company makes every effort to ensure secure access to the Site, but shall not be held liable in the event of difficulties in accessing the Site or occasional malfunctions thereof insofar as its operation depends in whole or in part on factors that are not under the Company's responsibility.
The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Site for maintenance. Also, the Company may, when it deems it useful, modify the Site in order to improve its services.
The Company does not guarantee the operation of the Site on all browsers, all operating systems and regardless of the software configurations and computer equipment used. In case of incompatibility, you are however invited to contact customer service by email at customer-service@printemps.com.

In the event of a dispute with one or more Users or Visitors to the Site, the Company's liability, regardless of the basis, motivation and form of the action, shall be limited to the direct and certain prejudice suffered by the latter.

The nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of one of the stipulations of these GTC shall not entail the nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of the other stipulations, which shall retain all their effects.

Any dispute or request relating to:

  • a malfunction of the Site
  • an error in the execution of the payment of a Contribution,
  • an error in the payment of a bank transfer (in the context of a refund),

must be immediately notified to the Company by the User by email at customer-service@printemps.com.

The Company may update or change these GTC at any time without notice. The changes will be applicable as soon as they are published on the GTC section of the site.

The version of the GTC that is applicable to the User is the version of the GTC accepted on the day the Online Money Pool is created.

These GTC are governed by French law. Except in case of application of a mandatory law (which will apply only to the strict extent of its purpose), it is expressly stipulated that in the event of a dispute related to the interpretation, validity and consequences of these GTC and, in the absence of a prior amicable solution, the courts of Paris will have sole jurisdiction.

Any complaint about the Online Money Pool Service must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, indicating "Complaint" in the subject line and to the following address: Printemps.com, 102 rue Provence 75009 Paris.
Claims will be processed as soon as possible and no later than fifteen (15) working days following receipt of the claim. In exceptional situations, if no response can be given within fifteen (15) business days for reasons beyond the Company's control, the Company will send a holding reply clearly stating the additional time required to respond to the complaint. In any event, the User will receive a final response no later than thirty-five (35) business days following receipt of the complaint.
In the event of a complaint and if no agreement has been reached or in the absence of a response within thirty (30) days, the Organiser may refer the complaint in writing to the mediator of S-MONEY, who is responsible for recommending solutions to disputes with Users, at the following address AFEPAME Mediator, 36 rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris.

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