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a makeover
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Style designed to last

flacon de lessive green

Photo : Steamery

For the past few seasons, we have seen an apparent shift from an easily disposable fashion to a durable one. The emergence of ultra-delicate detergents, technological appliances and eco-friendly fabrics only solidified this trend, enabling us to care for our clothes to last longer and reduce pollution. Here's a look at a sustainable future.

The green laundry
It has been a long time coming: a large wardrobe has led up to more responsibilities! Last year, a report published by McKinsey and The Fashion Agenda emphasized the role to be played by consumers in the pursuit of sustainable fashion. If the fashion industry needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, everyone can also make a difference, starting in their own laundry room. By 2030, the organization has calculated that 186 million tons of gas could be avoided by adopting new habits: eliminating one washing cycle out of six, choosing temperatures lower than 30°C for half of one's laundry and switching to natural drying. These are easy steps to take that will eventually have a significant impact on the environment. The good news is that more brands are taking notice and offering novel alternatives to try out!

When detergent becomes cool
"Is it soft, is it new? No, washed with Mir Laine". A vintage slogan that reminds us that what worked back then still does today. Beautiful clothes are first and foremost clothes that we take good care of and thus have a longer lifecycle. And even though laundry has long been considered a mundane task, it is nevertheless one of the most important factors to consider when upkeeping one's wardrobe. Consider washing garments at the appropriate temperature, sorting out color as well as fabric, and opting for the right products.

Founded in 2014 in Stockholm, the Steamery brand offers efficient solutions to transform an everyday chore into an eco-friendly break, thanks to a variety of laundry detergents created for all types of materials and sensitive skin. Generally effective from 30°C, they preserve the fibers of the garment while reducing your energy consumption.

steamer dans sac voyage

Photo : Steamery

Small gadgets, big impact
On top of modern laundry detergents, there are other options to explore. An alternative to ironing, which can sometimes be aggressive for certain fibers, the steamer is as efficient to get your clothes presentable, while keeping them in shape. It can also be used to refresh an already worn article, and in return you will also be saving a washing cycle. And if you are looking to give your favorite sweaters and coats a new life, look no further! Steamery has also designed the " Pilo fabric shaver", composed of three precision-made razor blades and a high performing motor, to remove pilling and lint while leaving the fabric and fit of your items intact.

Pieces built with longevity in mind
Lastly, a garment that stands the test of time is also a garment made of eco-friendly fabrics and whose style transcends trends, ensuring that it will effortlessly blend into your wardrobe for years to come. Taking this idea to heart, several brands in the likes of Organic Basics are producing basics in sustainable and recycled materials. The brand is best known for its eco-certified organic undergarments and activewear range, that also include pieces featuring innovations such as the SilverTech™ technology. Based on silver and integrated into the mesh, this molecule with antibacterial properties allows clothes to stay fresh longer and require far less washing. Changing the world, one step at a time.

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