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a makeover
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The world is changing. Society is changing. And with it, fashion and luxury have their part to play. We all have a part to play. Encouraged by these beliefs, we created Printemps.com with the great ambition to showcase a new side to luxury and designer fashion.
With a respect for differences, personalised offers and an ethical commitment, Printemps.com is your new online store: caring, freer, and more inclusive. Unique. Just like you.

Luxury for everybody

Considering the transformations that the luxury industry is facing and loyal to Printemps' values of acceptance, openness and respect, Printemps.com is upending convention and democratising luxury by offering pieces tailored for each.

All kinds of beauty: it is our responsibility, belief and wish to celebrate all types of beauty, in its natural form, so we strive to work with models of different nationalities, ethnicities, body types and ages.

All sizes: because it's just not a stance that we take but a deep commitment, we encourage each of our selected designers to expand their size charts. Although not all of our objectives have been achieved yet, Printemps.com promises to continue along this path in order to develop the industry towards further inclusivity.

All genders: we have created a Unisex section that offers a gender-neutral approach to fashion and showcases unisex brands and pieces. This way, Printemps.com is freeing itself from gender conventions to promote non-binary, more open and more tolerant fashion.

Accessible to all: we have designed a more inclusive way of browsing, making the website display more accessible for users with disabilities. Printemps.com has implemented an innovative digital accessibility solution with https://www.facil-iti.com/, a free service that adapts the website's display to make browsing easier according to the user's visual, cognitive or motor needs. To use it, simply create an account on FACIL'iti and Printemps.com will automatically adapt to your needs.

Green is our guiding theme

Another symbol of our philosophy, and perhaps the most visible, is the use of fluorescent green. A "digital" green to echo our brand values, a vibrant colour, featured throughout the online store, packaging and brand logo. It was only natural that we chose this colour.

"Since the Middle Ages, green has been the colour of spring; so, if your name is Printemps and you choose green, it has to be a good idea," says historian and expert in the history of colours and symbols, Michel Pastoureau (given that Printemps signifies spring in French). "Furthermore, green also expresses the light-hearted feeling that everyone has at this time of the year" - the return of good weather. "Buds open, leaves multiply and grow, and flowers make their reappearance; everywhere, new, young grass sprouts up, such a tender green..." like a symbol representing the birth of Printemps.com.

A colour full of emotion: "green is also the colour of new love, of young love." This idea is showcased in Printemps.com signature: "Printemps.com loves you."

A positive colour: "green is also a joyous, cheerful colour, one that brightens and lights up areas wherever it appears. Hence its early use in the arts, in which light plays an essential role such as stained glass, enamel and miniatures. The arts have always made use of a bright and relatively light green." To echo this, Printemps.com celebrates free, creative and positive fashion by using fluorescent green.

A meaningful colour: "once disliked, green has become a messianic colour... Now it is entrusted with the impossible mission of saving the planet", says Michel Pastoureau. "Now, we have embraced the idea that the planet is in danger; that it needs more nature and vegetation, and therefore more "green". Associating the idea of nature with the colour green is commonplace today, obvious, almost a reflex. For us, nature is green."  Green is used as a symbol of our necessary transformation, and a promise of Printemps.com commitment.

An inspiring and exclusive online store

Finding hidden gems is the motto of Printemps.com. As you browse, let yourself be guided and discover your style.

Inspiring articles: Printemps.com offers exclusive editorial content in the form of an online magazine that complements the online store. It features specially commissioned articles combining culture, fashion, music, and society topics.

Curated for you: each brand has been carefully selected using the expertise and sociological approach of Printemps.com fashion buyers. Guided by its unconventional, creative and caring vision, Printemps.com showcases brands from all corners of the world, renowned for their expertise, and featured or celebrated for their creativity.

A unique offer: enthusiastic to offer you a new perspective on fashion, Printemps.com has already signed around thirty exclusive collaborations (for sneakers, bags, dresses and more) with brands such as Jil Sander, Koché, Marques Almeida, and the Korean label Wooyoungmi. One-of-a-kind pieces to mix as you wish, with some 40 designer houses available exclusively on our website.


Because we share your concerns, commitments and questions, we have undertaken several important steps to take care of you as well as the planet.

Authenticity as a criterion: Printemps.com favours brands that have a genuine story and work on social or environmental causes that are close to our hearts. Therefore, several brands in our selections use recycled and biodegradable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled leather, and leather substitutes, and have been chosen in accordance with Printemps group values.

Personal attention: we are dedicated to your service and our team of personal stylists are available (from Monday to Friday) to provide personalised advice, assist you in your browsing or to help you find your perfect outfit.

Eco-friendly packaging: we have carefully chosen lightweight packaging and have made it environmentally friendly. The paper is composed of 40% recycled fibres, 55% FSC-certified fibres (that ensures a chain of custody from the forest to the delivered paper), and 5% cotton. Our tissue paper is 100% made in France and is ECF guaranteed, acid-free, 100% biodegradable, non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. Furthermore, our printers use eco-friendly, water-based ink.

Our most beautiful love story is you

Taking care of you has been our priority for over 150 years and, with Printemps.com, we are making it our mission to continue this relationship of trust. Of course, we don't have all the answers and we know that we can always do better. Write to us at: customer-service@printemps.com. We are committed to being open to your feedback so that we can improve. Your voice matters. So is the world around us.

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