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Cuir Nappa eau de parfum



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April 03, 2023

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The ambition that drives the exclusive fragrance designer PREMIERE NOTE can be summed up quite simply: to offer the best of French perfumery. Built around a leading note, each fragrance is traditionally elegant and contemporary while combining the most luxurious ingredients. Presented in a luxurious gold-toned case, the gender-neutral eau de parfum Cuir Nappa is no exception. Inspired by the Saharan dunes and the Tuaregs, this is a complex fragrance, smooth and animalistic with leathery notes. If you're not giving it to someone special, you're sure to want to wear it yourself.

  • Spray the fragrance in front of you and then step into the mist, which will settle over your entire body.
    INGREDIENTS (CONTENTS) : Alcoholdenat(SD alcohol 40-B), Aqua (Water), BHT, Hydroxycitronellal, Coumarin

Référence : Eaux De Parfum - Cuir Nappa

PREMIERE NOTE Cuir Nappa eau de parfum

Cuir Nappa eau de parfum


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