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tout commence au printemps

You enter with a light step to get off the beaten track,
to get some fresh air, to breathe in and to have your breath taken away.
You land to take off, to take a holiday from your everyday life.
From your sofa or the other side of the world,
on your smartphone or in a store.
You go there to find yourself.
And you never come back from it completely.
Because shopping there gives ideas that give ideas
that give ideas that give stories.
Because we make discoveries and encounters that move and transform us.
And we also find what we weren't looking for
wows, aaaahs, strong sensations, sweet sensations,
first times, a little madness, good vibes, joy,
a little love too:
from 7 to 107 years old, everyone is pampered,
everyone and each in particular.
The Curious in search of small and immense pleasures,
Logo fans, Decorating enthusiasts, Fashionistas,
the Not-so self-confident, Stylish tribes, Teenagers who need to be managed,
Gourmets and Gourmands, Nugget hunters,
Adventurous couples, Families in a hurry, Collectors of beautiful things,
Tourists from here, there and everywhere,
and all those who like to take their time and enjoy the latest trends.

More than a destination, it's a new beginning.

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