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Paiement en 3x sans frais possible pour toutes les commandes allant de 150 à 2000€ promotions incluses.

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1.618: Sustainable Luxury Arrives at

Modèle femme sur fond coloré

Can luxury be eco-friendly? It's the question that in 2009 led to the founding of 1.618 Paris, an agency specialized in labels working towards a greener future. Here, a deeper look at an actor that's shaking up the industry in the best way possible.

The golden ratio
Cuisine, fashion, design, and architecture — the lifestyle brands chosen by 1.618 Paris stand for a new kind of creation: one that's at once elegant and responsible, mindful of the environment as well as of human labor. Born from this desire to effect positive change, Barbara Coignet's agency is named for the golden ratio, that magical number evoking universal harmony and the notion of a society coexisting in harmony with all the beauty nature has to offer.

A committee of attentive experts
And yet, today it's hard to deny that greenwashing is all the rage, along with terms like "eco-friendly" and "sustainable" — they've almost become cliches in the marketing world, and it's more important than ever to make sure such selections are well-researched. This is why 1.618 Paris has assembled a panel of independent experts tasked with approving labels nominated to the agency's representation. Nominees are judged on eight criteria: responsible innovation, environmental impact and energy consumption, packaging sustainability, the management of their products' circulation, educational initiatives, ethical and social engagements, transparency across hierarchy, and the preservation of artisanal techniques and knowledge. Phew!

whatch on a book

The hope for a different tomorrow
Conscious of the fact that the road to a greener future will be a long and perhaps even lonely one, each trimester 1.618 Paris organizes gatherings with its members to allow them to get to know each other and discuss best practices, all while developing real relationships. And that's not all: in the interest of getting their message out, they've also organized the Biennale 1.618. Held annually since 2009, this event rests at the intersection of exhibition and networking event, acting as a space for debate between represented labels and individuals invested in subjects like lifestyle and sustainability.

A colorful marketplace
In order to better accommodate the brands it represents, 1.618 Paris has opened a marketplace on their website in order to create pop-up stores and events across multiple platforms. The most recent? We were thrilled to welcome a selection of labels that are as trendy as they are ground-breaking. From Katia Sanchez knits to JEM's ethical jewelry, Nout's, delicate perfumes and Oppidum's soaps, accessories and leather goods from La Singulière & Le Singulier, and Olistic The Label's chic minimalism, products are certified organic, vegan, and eco-friendly. Count us in for shopping so sustainable, you could do with your eyes closed!

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