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Malone souliers

The Malone Souliers story began in 2013, when Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt met over dinner in Shoreditch, London. The next day, the duo regrouped for their first official business meeting and decided to launch their footwear label. The brand was created in February 2014 with Mary Alice Malone leading the creative direction, and Roy Luwolt overseeing the business. Together, they built the foundations of a label that soon became one of the most promising upcoming shoe brands. The American designer initially studied furniture design in Colorado and then followed the prestigious Cordwainers course at the London College of Fashion. This rich and eclectic blend allowed her to draw parallels between the two industries and concluded that shoes, just like furniture, must first and foremost be practical before elegant. Strengthened by this philosophy, she designed footwear, both comfortable to wear and refined, cut from luxury and exclusive materials. In just a few seasons, the label attracted a wealth of celebrities, including Amal Clooney, Solange and Emma Roberts.
Managing the brand alone since 2018, each season, Mary Alice Malone reworked models in different colours and materials, in addition to introducing new designs. Among its classics, the label includes the Maureen mule, whose pointed tips and wavy upper feature two strategically placed straps for comfort and unparalleled hold. Also, the Maisie is another key design with a kitten heel mule, whose kick heel is decorated with a contrasting strap.
In 2019, the brand announced its ambition to extend to men's footwear by presenting a first men's collection for the Autumn-Winter 2019 season.

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    Malone souliers

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