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FOREO is THE Swedish beauty-tech reference. FOREO offers a new standard in beauty and

wellness : from the facial cleansing brushes LUNA™ range, which cleanse deeply and gently to

get rid of acne and give the skin a healthy and youthful glow thanks to is anti-age massage, to

the new way of masking with UFO™, its innovative technologies such as cryotherapy and LED

therapy as well as its supercharged masks infused in hyaluronic acid for a full facial treatment

within two minutes, or even BEAR™'s microcurrent treatment that improve the production of

collagen and elastin for a sculpted skin and younger appearance.The new generation of

LUNA™, LUNA™ 3 Plus, helps purify, firm and tighten the skin in 2 simple steps and the

revolutionary IRIS™ 2 eye massager, that depuffs eyebags and rejuvenates the eye contour to

provide a unique and professional skincare routine at home.

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